Adhere Real Estate School (ARES)

Adhere Real Estate School was established to promote Ethical, Professional, and People-Centered Licensees. We help you understand the requirements for NJ Licensure by helping you master the materials via your learning style, test-taking practice, learning strategies, learner paced instructions, and current industry practices and regulations.

Classes are taught based on need. Contact us today to find out when you can start your path to New Jersey Salesperson Licensure.

New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson Licensure Requirements

New Jersey Licensing Requirements:

*18 Years of Age or Older

*Have a High School Education or Equivalency

*Complete a 75 Hour of Pre-Licensure Course

*Pass the NJ State Licensing Examination

*Commission must be satisfied as to the Applicant’s Honesty, Trustworthiness, Character, and Integrity-Fingerprinting and Background Check.

*Apply for a License through a Sponsoring Real Estate Broker